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In December of 2014, when Dark Souls on PC was revamped to use Steamworks instead of GFWL, the debug version of Dark Souls was accidentally released to the playerbase. It has since served as a very valuable tool for experimenting with the game, and for learning about its underlying mechanics.

Concerns about abuse have generally subsided for the following reasons:

  • The debug version was not fixed when region locking was patched out, making it segregrated from most online players.
  • The debug version is not compatible with DSCM, also making it segregated from most online players.
  • Cheat Engine is generally far more robust and easier/ quicker to use when it comes to cheating in a multiplayer experience. No one in their right mind would prefer to use debug to cheat, even though it is possible.

This site will not link the debug file nor tell you where you can find it. Its purpose is to explain how to use it, and to also translate the various menus and options that are in Japanese.

How to Install

Installation Guide

Navigate the Main Menu

The Main Menu is what initially loads when debug boots up successfully.

Navigate the Overlay Menu

The Overlay Menu can be summoned by pressing select/ back on your controller during gameplay.

General Tips

Want to know how to manipulate the Overlay Menu's display? Or do certain tasks like make yourself invincible, teleport around a map, or disable gravity? These can be hard to know where to find, so a General Tips page is here to help you find these functions.


Various documentation is linked on the Resources page, mostly stuff that can't be found in the debug menu itself. Includes things like lists of Enemy IDs, Event Flags, Animation IDs, etc.

Special Thanks

Menu Translations:
Fernando Mucioli

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